Aqua Guard PVC Waterstops


Aqua Guard PVC Waterstops are manufactured from highest grade Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) compound by employing state-of-the art machinery designed to extrude PVC Waterstops. 

Outstanding physical properties, excellent inherent elasticity and resistance to many waterborne chemicals has made Aqua-Guard most widely specified waterstop material.





Aqua Guard Waterstop are used  in :-

 - Water Retaining Structures: such as water tanks, reservoirs, dams etc. 

- Water Excluding Structures: such as basements, bridges, tunnels and culverts etc.  



Specially designed Aqua Guard Waterstop seal the construction and expansion joints when embedded in the reinforced concrete across and along the joint to form a continuous water-tight diaphragm that prevents the passage of fluid and moisture through the joint.


Typical application include:

Sewerage plants, water filtration plants, aqueducts, reservoirs, locks, tanks, channels, swimming pools, culverts, tunnels, under-passes, bridge decks and abutments, roofs, dams, foundations, mine shafts, retaining walls and any concrete structure requiring watertight joints.  


Installation Application:

Prior to concreting, make sure that  waterstop is installed in its correct position securely in the concrete structure. Concrete must be fully compacted around the waterstop to ensure that no voids or porous areas remain. 


A- Internal application: Aqua Guard Internally placed Waterstops are manufactured with a series of eyelets at a distance of 30 cm along both edges for wiring to nearby reinforcement. These eyelets should always be used. There should be adequate clearance between waterstop and surrounding reinforcement for wiring and to ensure good compaction. 


B- External application: Aqua Guard externally placed waterstops have a reinforced edge nailing flange to give a tear resistant and secure fixing.


a) Horizontal Installation: When external waterstop profiles are placed horizontally and supported on blinding or protected     waterproofing the profiles do not normally require any fixing.


b) Vertical Installation: While fixing external waterstop profiles to vertical shuttering use double headed nails fixed through the reinforced nailing flange into the shuttering /timber formwork. The end of the nail can be cut-off after the concrete is cured to allow following trades to continue such as waterproofing of coating operations.   


Technical Data Sheet: 



Typical Properties




Form                        : Extruded PVC Profiles

Color                       : Blue

Hydrostatic Head  : up to 12 m

Joint Movement    : up to 12 mm

PVC Compound

Tensile Strength min.                        : >14 N/mm²  ASTM D 638

Elongation at Break min.                 : >325 %         ASTM D 638

Shore A Hardness                             : 80± 5            ASTM D 2240


Specific Gravity                                : 1.3 ± 0.1       ASTM D 792


Water Absorption (% by weight)    : 0.06              ASTM D 570



Disclaimer: Recommendations and statistics., given in our literature is based upon extensive experience and given in good faith and without guarantee, since condition of use are beyond our control. The customer must satisfy himself that the product is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended to be used and that the conditions under which is it to be used are suitable.



Site Jointing Equipment: 

Because of its special composition, Aqua Guard Waterstop can be easily cut with a sharp knife and welded with the help of jointing equipment (a+b) directly on the site. 


a - Jointing Jig:  Site jointing of Aqua Guard waterstops is carried out by using wooden jigs, individually made as per waterstop design and size. It is therefore important to mention the type and  size of waterstop at the time of ordering the wooden jigs.   



 b - Electric Welding Heater: Electric Welding Heater of 110 & 220 Volts  available to carry out site jointing efficiently.




Warning: Ensure that welding heaters are earthed by green/yellow wires.  


Instructions - Making Joints on Site:

 - Prepare both sections to be jointed, make sure they are properly aligned, well trimmed and clean them with water or   a non-oil solvent if necessary.  

Make sure the welding heater is clean and leave it in a safe position to warm up.

- 10 mm of both waterstop ends are then positioned in the jig and held firmly against the warm heater blade for 20-30  seconds until a 3mm bead of melted PVC appears along the section. PVC should melt without burning or charring

- Remove the heater blade with a quick upward movement and the heated ends pressed firmly together and held for   at least 20 second to form a firm butt joint.


Pre-fabricated Junctions / Intersections: 

Following factory made Junctions/Intersections are available for all Aqua Guard waterstop profiles for easy site installation.

) Cross:   Flat & Vertical 
( T )  Tee:     Flat & Vertical 
( L )  Mitre:   Flat & Edge




Standard Profiles:

(4 mm thickness)
Internal Construction Joint  ( ICJ-250)   ------------------------ 250 MM Wide
Internal Construction Joint ( ICJ-200)    ------------------------ 200 MM Wide
Internal Construction Joint ( ICJ-150)    -----------------------  150 MM Wide
Internal Expansion Joint (IEJ-250)   ------------------------------  250 MM Wide
Internal Expansion Joint (IEJ-200)   ------------------------------  200 MM Wide
Internal Expansion Joint (IEJ-150)   ------------------------------  150 MM Wide
External Construction Joint   (ECJ-250)  -----------------------  250 MM Wide
External Construction Joint  (ECJ-200)   -----------------------  200 MM Wide
External Construction Joint  (ECJ-150)   -----------------------  150 MM Wide
External Expansion Joint  (EEJ-250)   ----------------------------  250 MM Wide
External Expansion Joint  (EEJ-200)   ----------------------------  200 MM Wide
External Expansion Joint  (EEJ-150)   ----------------------------  150 MM Wide


Special Profiles:

(5 mm & 10 mm thickness)
Internal Construction Joint  (ICJ-300) & (ICJ-320)   --------  300 MM Wide & 320 MM Wide
Internal Expansion Joint  (IEJ-300) & (IEJ-320)  --------------- 300 MM Wide & 320 MM Wide
External Construction Joint  (ECJ-300) & (ECJ-320)--------- 300 MM Wide & 320 MM Wide
External Expansion Joint  (EEJ-300) & (EEJ-320)  ------------- 300 MM Wide & 320 MM Wide 



Standard Roll Size:
Standard Profiles ------------- 15 Meters / Roll
Special Profiles    ------------- 10 Meters / Roll


Each  AquaGuard waterstop roll bears full product description and is individually packed to safeguard the the product, palletized and properly strapped for local and export purpose.  


Health and Safety Instructions:
Welding of PVC produces hydrogen chloride fumes . The OEL (Operation Exposure Limit) of 5ppm (parts per million) can be exceeded in still air confined space, therefore a suitable respirator or forced ventilation should be provided. 


Note:  In open site applications, it is not considered that any health danger exists.



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