Aqua Seal Hydraphilic Swellable Waterstops


Aqua Seal is made of high performance modified rubber strips. Interaction between water and hydrophilic groups which are part of the Aqua Seal molecular structure results in swelling of rubber strips. When in contact with salt water, Aqua Seal reacts and can swell up to 200% of its original dimension to form a compression seal. 




Hydrophillic waterbar is primarily used to seal concrete construction joints, foundation wall slabs, precast wall panels, slabs-on-grade, manholes,  pipe& steel work penetration through wall & slabs, construction joints in tunnel segments, box culverts and potable water structure etc.

Aqua Seal is recommended in low movement construction joints.



  • Easy& secure application
  • Simple jointing techniques
  • Excellent elastic properties
  • Does not need hardening time
  • Sustain effective seal in wet conditions
  • Permanent water resistance, no leaching
  • Non-polluting, ecological user friendly system
  • Remains unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling
  • Maintain actual shape after repeated expansion and contraction 
  • Slow expansion rate to prevent damage to freshly placed concrete during curing. 


Physical Properties:

Color: Blue/ Red 


Shore A Hardness                            : 40 – 50

Tensile Strength                                : 20 kgf/cm²

Elongation                                        : ≥ 300 % min


Expansion Volume Rate                  : ≥ 300 %

(In normal water)


Service Temperature Range          : -30°C to 50°C



Disclaimer: Recommendations and statistics., given in our literature is based upon extensive experience and given in good faith and without guarantee, since condition of use are beyond our control. The customer must satisfy himself that the product is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended to be used and that the conditions under which is it to be used are suitable.




RHS 2010  : 20 mm x 10 mm ----------- 100 meters / Box

RHS 2525  : 25.6 mm X 25.6 mm ------- 40 meters / Box

Other sizes &colors can be produced as per customer’s specific requirement.



When the substrate is uneven, Aqua Seal can be fastened in place using masonry nails at approx 300 mm center. Care should be taken to ensure that the substrate has sufficient strength to enable mechanical fixing to be securely driven without damaging the Aqua Seal. Alternatively, a groove can be cast into concrete to facilitate application. 

Aqua Seal is suitable for use in most weather conditions but heavy rain and prolong immersion will cause premature swelling. Should this occur, It will be necessary to allow it to dry out or be dried with a hot air gun before concrete pouring takes place.


Storage Condition:

Store in a cool & dry place in original packing to prevent from moisture and premature swelling.


Safety Precautions:

  •  Safety gloves should be used to avoid allergic reaction. 
  •  Do not re-use containers of consumable items for storage



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